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Have questions about our screening process? Or need more information on our types of donations? Ask us anything related to our donation process. We're here to help! Our donor care specialist team is dedicated to ensuring the best experience possible. Let's get the donation journey conversation started!

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    We offer donation opportunities at our blood centers in the Los Angeles, Seattle, Memphis, and Boston areas. If you live in one of these areas and want to become an Everyday Hero contact us now!

    Our Locations

    Northridge, CA:

    HemaCare Donor Center
    8500 Balboa Boulevard
    Northridge, CA 91325

    Proceed to Door “C”.

    Phone: (800) 347-4927

    Parking Instructions:
    There is free parking in front of the HemaCare Donor Center Door (Door "C") indicated by painted red lines. If entering from Napa St., the parking will be on your left. If entering from Balboa Blvd., drive past building 8400, and make a slight left turn. Drive straight, following signs for 8500, parking will be on your right, past the electric charging stations. We will provide you with a sticker for your windshield so security can identify your vehicle. 

    Bothell, WA

    HemaCare Donor Center
    18912 N. Creek Parkway • Suite 105, Bldg 1
    Bothell, WA 98011

    Phone: (800) 347-4927

    Parking Instructions:
    We are next to the Woodinville Montessori school. Once you enter the parking lot, Building 1 will be on the left side of the property. Suite 105 is located on the South side of Building 1. There is free visitor parking in front of Suite 105, between flag poles and Building 1. Parking spots are labeled “VISITOR”. If you are in the main lobby of Building 1 that has stairs leading to the 2nd floor, you are on the West side of Building 1 and will need to walk to the South side of the building to find Suite 105.

    Memphis, TN

    HemaCare Donor Center
    1256 Union Avenue • 1st Floor
    Memphis, TN 38104

    Phone: 1-901-252-3434

    Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Friday: 8:00AM - 12:00PM

    Parking Instructions:
    We are located at 1245 Madison Avenue in the same location as the Southern College of Optometry but in a stand alone building. When you turn off Madison there will be a long driveway; we’re all the way toward the back. Park on the left side by the chain link fence. We are located on the first floor.

    Lowell, MA

    HemaCare Donor Center
    672 Suffolk Street • 3rd Floor
    Lowell, MA 01854

    Phone: (978) 364-0641

    Parking Instructions:
    Parking is free in the visitor parking section. If entering Suffolk St. from Father Morrissette Blvd, visitor parking is on the right, at the Wannalancit Mills sign. If entering from Hall St, visitor parking is on the left, also at the Wannalancit Mills sign . Upon entering, the visitor lot is immediately to the right. Please DO NOT PARK on the street, you will be ticketed by the City of Lowell.